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Cause of Female Infertilty – What are the Factors Causing This Problem

Sunday, January 24, 2010, 15:52
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Since the dawn of time, women infertility have already been a problem for many decades.

What is primary and secondary infertility?

1) Secondary Infertility.

It is a diagnosis for couples having trouble get pregnant assuming that they already had a child or kids.

2) Primary Infertility

Whereas primary infertility is when the couple has not been able to conceive even once.

As viewed by doctors, infertility is often looked at as a serious physical problem on the women body. Since, infertility is often a very complex issue, the doctor will take some time to understand whether is it due to nature that went wrong in the woman’s body. As more questions are being probed, the affected woman may gone into depression blues.

Before one knows how to reduce the complexities, it is critical to understand the cause of female and some of its factors:-

1) Understanding the reproductive system.

This task is very complex which can malfunction from any point. Unfortunately, there are even instances when the reproductive system is perfect, and still conceiving is not possible.

2) Do you know your body structure?

There are time when a woman is having a small built, her pelvis is not well formed and this may leads to a faulty reproductive system as well. Also, there are also other possibilities that there are some deficiencies in the anatomy of the woman, such as blockage of the passage, fibroid uterus, tumor in the uterus, cervical cancer, and so on.

One piece of good news is that once all these defects are remedied, it is said and easy for any woman to conceive a baby.

3) There are some unknown reasons.

There are many incidents that the cause of female infertility is simply not known. In fact, this is the scariest medical answers given by doctors. You will be lost and not knowing what to do with it. There is a tendency of fighting it back, but not having the ability to fight back, is the worst situation that a person can find it themselves.

According to research, there are only a small percentage of women from all over the world diagnosed with an unknown cause of female infertility. In most cases, the causes are often reflected with a thorough medical examination and studies.

Once you are aware of the causes of female infertility, there are some solutions that couples can take. They can think of surrogacy or adoption or they can choose vitro fertilization. Having the faith of having a baby will overcome any fears of infertility.

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