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Common Sex Mistakes To Avoid – 6 Mistakes To Avoid During Sex

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Thursday, December 31, 2009, 8:36
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One of the common sex mistakes couples make is falling into a routine and never deviating from it. Sure, predictability is great for longevity in relations however where sex is concerned breaking away from routine will have a significant major impact on your lust for each due to the mystery that is’s introduced into the eventuality.

Let’s take a look at six common sex mistakes to avoid and the way to maintain sexual arousal for each other round the clock rather than just at express times.

Common Sex Mistakes

- First mistake is beginning out a sexual session the same as you always do. This might be an excellent idea for awhile but it begins to wear thin especially for her and in the end, she’ll just go thru the motions. Break out of it by not waiting until the precise place and time all the time. Remember, spicing up a sexual relationship relates to reacting to impulse. But make sure it’s kept within your own home.

- Another of the 6 common sex mistakes to avoid is treating an orgasm as if it were a race to reach it. How long is your sex lasting? Is it over too quick? You can spice this up with some straightforward foreplay tips. Start from the bottom up rather than the top down. Get the message.

- Many couples fall into the habit of simply having sex in the bedroom. Why? Foreplay is vital to a great sexual experience. Start foreplay in a different area. For instance, sitiing on the sofa watching TV together or in the kitchen preparing dinner. Actually, it can start hours before you do anything.

- If you’re a guy, you can feel as though it’s your right to steer the way all the time. Again the question is why? Break out of this on a constant basis and let her take the lead. Ask her about this. Do not make the assumption it’s your role just because that’s how it’s always been. Let her be creative and watch spice being added to your relationship.

- Another of the 6 commonest sex mistakes to avoid is thinking you need to be’gentle’ in bed. This is especially so for guys but guess what, she is awakened so try and play the’hot lover’ and see how this will take your experience to a higher level. Play roles or’talk dirty’ to each other.

- One of the most renowned sex mistakes men make is thinking the orgasm is the end of the tale. How many of you simply roll over and look the other way or get up to grab a drink or something to eat? If you wish to be her hot lover cuddle her after sex. Look at her even for a few minutes stroking her hair.

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