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Concieving Baby Boy – Safe Natural Methods of Conceiving a Baby Boy

Monday, January 25, 2010, 16:44
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Concieving Baby Boy

Many couples are appearing for ways to conceive a boy. They have spent thousand of dollars at medical amenities trying to get the best gender selecting procedures. But thousands of couples experience found ways to conceive a boy paying off innate and assured methods. Concieving Baby Boy

Let’s discuss just a few of the techniques that will help you conceive a boy. Your ovulation date is going to be very important to determine. You can determine this date by taking your temperature. You will have to record your temperature once you get out of bed each morning. You need to keep track of the results and note the day when there is a spike in temperature.

This is your ovulation date, and best time to conceive. You may need to perform this over the course of a few cycles to get accurate data. If this seems too challenging, you can also purchase an ovulation kit. To use this, you will need to drop a small amount of saliva or urine (depending on the kit) on the sample, and the meter will show the date range. Concieving Baby Boy

Now, you need to know the steps to take in conceiving a boy. First, you need to know the best time to have intercourse. Now that you know your ovulation date, you need to have intercourse 12 – 24 hours prior to the date you ovulate. This gives the sperm with the male gene an advantage, as they will reach the egg first. Concieving Baby Boy

Second, you want to limit the distance the male sperm will have to travel to the egg. Thus, you have deep penetration during intercourse. This keeps the fragile male sperm away from the more acidic areas in the vagina. Start raising a family! Get Pregnant Today by getting Concieving Baby Boy ebook now!

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