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Daily Complete Nutritional Support System with Iron – 180 Tablets

Saturday, March 20, 2010, 13:15
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  • Imagine a complete synergistic daily supplement so powerful, many people feel a difference the very first day.
  • Contains multiple minerals and trace minerals with vitamins, Ionic Trace Mineral Drop Complex (TMD), raw food enzymes and an extensive concentrated food base which make Daily Complete the best multiple ever.
  • Designed with three key principles in mind: 1) A food base to allow for a gentler and potentially more complete assimilation. 2) Digestive enzymes to improve digestion and dietary absorption. 3) Trace minerals key to optimal health.
  • With current scientific literature reporting soil and nutrient deficiencies frequently occurring from a lack of vitamins and macro-minerals, trace minerals must be considered. Our formulations incorporate a comprehensive blend of ionic trace minerals.
  • Standard Shipping is FREE!

Product Description
Daily Complete was formulated to provide a complete synergistic blend of essential vitamins and minerals. This vitamin incorporates specific nutrients within a food base, thus allowing for a more natural and harmonious way of supplying essential nutrients…. More >>

Daily Complete Nutritional Support System with Iron – 180 Tablets

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