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How to Have a Baby Girl using the Best Intercourse Date?

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Monday, January 25, 2010, 16:44
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If you want to learn the secret on how to have a baby girl, then you should only follow the proven techniques. The methods I am going to discuss have been proven by many thousand of people around the world. The effective rate can be as high as 94%. With such a high accuracy, you don’t have to pay thousand of dollars to visit the gender selection clinics.

In this article, I will discuss some techniques on how to have a baby girl. One of the most important things you must know to have a baby girl is to find out the right timing for intercourse. You will need to know when you should have intercourse while trying to conceive a girl.

But first, you will need to pinpoint the next ovulation date. This can be done by purchasing an ovulation test kit from the clinic. This kind of device is very accurate in calculating your next ovulation start date.

Once you have pinpointed the date, your next mission is to have intercourse at the right time. You must then backtrack 3 to 4 days before the ovulation. These days are the best date where you should have intercourse for conceiving a girl. This is because the X girl sperms have very long life span, and they can survive up to 4 days once they are being released into the vagina.

On advice for you is not to have any intercourse 12 to 24 hours before the ovulation. This is very important as having intercourse at this period will increase the chances for the Y boy sperms to reach the egg first. This is not what we want on how to have a baby girl. Thus, that is the primary reason why we need to pinpoint the exact ovulation date.

A lot of people like to use the ovulation calendar to predict the next cycle. Well, I can say that this method is not very accurate as there will be times where you can miss the date by calculation – why risk?

In fact, there are many other factors to conceive a baby girl. And in fact, you should only follow those proven methods that already been used by other couples!

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