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How Well Do you Know your Breasts?

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Sunday, January 24, 2010, 15:34
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You pamper and spoil them. You take them with you wherever you go. You bathe, shower, and sleep with them. And they’re always with you whatever you do. Yet you’ll be surprised how little most women know about their breasts. This ignorance has caused a lot of unnecessary heartaches, frustration, sorrow, and confusion not to mention sleepless nights and ruined relationships.

To clear up this mess, here are some common breast myths and the facts behind them courtesy of Clevastin natural breast enlargement system, the safe, natural and inexpensive way to get the breasts you’ve always wanted:

Breasts have the same shape and size. False. It’s natural for both breasts to differ. One may be larger or smaller, higher or lower, or shaped differently than the other. Rarely can you find a woman whose breasts are exactly the same. This is also true for nipples that can be flat, round or cylindrical in shape. Nipple color also differs depending on the thinness and pigmentation of its skin.

Hair around the nipples is abnormal. False. Since the nipples are surrounded by hair follicles, it’s natural for hair to appear there. If this bothers you, you can cut the hair with a small pair of scissors. Don’t pluck or shave the area. This could lead to infection.

Inverted nipples mean something is wrong. False. Nipples that point inward instead of out are called inverted nipples that can be seen in 10 to 20 percent of all women. Again, this is normal and nothing to worry about. But do take extra care to clean them since you could get an infection in the folds of the skin around the nipples. However, if your nipples point out and suddenly become inverted, that’s another story. See a doctor immediately.

Lumps on the breasts are a bad sign. False. Normal breasts can be smooth or lumpy. This is caused by changes in the breast tissue during development or when your period arrives. These lumps disappear at the end of your period. If not, see a doctor.

Breasts are muscles. False. Breasts are made up of fat and fibrous tissue that enlarge during pregnancy to make breastfeeding possible. The reason why breasts look larger with exercise is because there are muscles underneath the breasts. However, exercise has no effect on actual breast tissue. In some women, breasts may become smaller with exercise since the area loses fat.

If you’re not happy with the size of your breasts and are afraid of risky and expensive surgery, try Clevastin, the natural way to enlarge your breasts and help them reach their full potential. This special herbal system combines the dual power of Clevastin capsules that are packed with breast-enhancing compounds similar to the ones produced naturally by your own body, and the Clevastin accelerator gel cream that penetrates deep into the outer layers of the breasts for maximum results. For more information, visit

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