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Is diet free weight loss possible?

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010, 8:35
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It was a time when diet free weight loss was a given. But new fads were being introduced.  We had the Fondue fad, the quiche fad, the pasta fad and many more. Some are still with us.  It seemed more and more people wanted new ways to prepare and eat their food. Manufactured foods were making great inroads. They were called snack foods.  We were also given new sugar coated cereals presented in colorful kid friendly boxes.

More and more people began to put on weight.  Just watching the waistline for a few weeks no longer sufficed. Commercial diets soon found their way into mainstream. These were diets that emphasized solid carbohydrates and fewer calories. Weight problems continued to grow, and diet cravings became an everyday reality.

Today, when we ask ourselves; how can I cure my weight problem, we are speaking for more than sixty percent of the population. Weight gain and Obesity now spreads at a rate no one could have imagined a decade ago.

Clearly the food we eat is wrong. We were slimmer and healthier people before we ever tried the first diet. We need to eliminate diets because they are linked to weight gain not weight loss.

We need to re-activate our metabolism and we can only do that if we get back to the foods our body was meant to digest. In short, we need to eliminate diets, particularly those that require us to curb our calories.

For more than thirty years we have tampered with our metabolism.  We have subjected it to food binges, followed by extreme diets and dangerous detox preparations. We have abused our body with irregular bouts of overeating followed by food depriving diets. We don’t do that and get away with it scot free.  For those who keep doing it obesity is the final penalty.  We must implement a diet free weight loss program and completely eliminate diets as we know them today.

obesity America 2008 warned of obesity in children rates. It is a frightening fact that the majority of people today have a weight problem and sadly that includes our children.  If we continue on this path almost the entire population will be asking; how can I cure my weight problem?

Nobody will try to stop this from happening, except perhaps you.  The problem of weight is not an exciting subject for science research and medicine has never been interested in this area until there is a medical threat like diabetes.  Research funds would be hard to come by because the allied industries, where scientists normally seek their funding are built on the expectation that people will continue to get fat.

You cannot expect to change the world. But this is one time you can make a positive impact on your own family and is that not a good place to start?

It has to begin with you because it starts and ends in your kitchen. You need to prepare for a diet free weight loss for yourself. From there it leads to your partner and your children. Ultimately, you are saving your future grandchildren and their children from a life of weight issues and likely obesity. Now that’s no small thing for anyone to do.

Kirsten Plotkin is an expert on how to lose weight without a diet. If you are interested in that subject, I strongly recommend her book My Own Plan.  It presents a five year record of successful permanent weight loss without a diet and without counting calories. If you have lost hope then this is the book you have been waiting for.

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