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Laparoscopic Endometriosis treatment in India with health care medical tourism

Wednesday, December 23, 2009, 19:56
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India is a true destination for laparoscopic Endometriosis surgery. Medical tourism can be broadly defined as the pro vision of ‘cost effective’ private medical care in collaboration with the tourism industry for patients needing surgical and other forms of specialized treatment. The process of health care tourism is jointly facilitated by the corporate sector involved in medical and health care as well as the tourism industry both private and public. India has the best qualified professionals in each and every field and this fact has now been realized the world over. Regarding Medical Facilities India has the most competent doctors and world class Medical Facilities for laparoscopic Endometriosis surgery.

Laparoscopy is the most common procedure used to diagnose and remove mild to moderate Endometriosis. In stead of using a large abdominal incision, the surgeon inserts a lighted viewing instrument called a laparoscope through a small incision. If the surgeon needs better access, he or she makes 1 or 2 more small incisions for inserting other surgical instruments. You will be advised not to eat or drink for at least 8 hours before a laparoscopy. Laparoscopy Endometriosis is usually done under general anesthesia, al though you can re main a wake if you have local or spinal anesthetic. A gynecologist or surgeon performs the procedure. For a laparoscopy, the abdomen is inflated with gas (carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide). The gas, which is injected with a needle, pushes the abdominal wall a way from the organs so that the surgeon can see them clearly. The surgeon then inserts a laparoscope through a small incision and examines the internal organs.

Health care centers of Delhi, Jaipur and Kerala have most advanced equipments and surgeons for the treatment of laparoscopic Endometriosis in India. A combination of many factors has lead to the recent increase in popularity of medical tourism. Exorbitant costs of health care and medical facilities in advanced countries, ease and afford ability of inter nation al travel, favor able currency exchange rates in the global economy, rapidly improving technology and high standards of medical care in the developing countries have all contributed their share to this rapid development of medical tourism. Medical tourism has become a common form of vacationing. Medical tourism mixes leisure, fun and relaxation to get her with well ness and health care. For more information about laparoscopic Endometriosis in India, please log on to: or mail your queries at [email protected] , +91-9579129423

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