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Older Women Losing Weight – 3 Tips to Keep in Mind

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Monday, January 25, 2010, 15:18
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Losing weight isn’t extremely difficult even if you are an older woman. Aging makes it seem like it is harder than ever to drop weight. Older women can lose excess weight the same as other people, however, there are some important tips to remember to make the process easier and efficient.

Tip #1 – What you eat will cause weight loss more than exercising alone. Even if you exercise every day, eating the wrong foods (high-fat, refined sugar, processed food) will keep you overweight. Two great diet plans that keep you feeling satisfied and losing weight are the clean eating or paleolithic diet. These diets promote fresh, whole foods such as lean meats, fruits, and vegetables while avoiding all processed foods.

Tip #2 – Stay away from the myth of spot reduction. The ads on television convince people that you can lose belly fat by using a sit-up machine. Spot reduction isn’t possible for any part of the body so it is better not to waste your time and effort on hundreds of sit-ups or crunches.

Tip #3 – It isn’t necessary to over exercise. This goes for older women and younger women alike. In order to burn fat more efficiently, a workout program should include weight training. Resistance training builds more muscle. More muscle burns more fat and calories. As a woman, there is no need to worry about becoming bulky so don’t be afraid to lift weights!

Keep the above tips in mind and weight loss for older women will be a much smoother process. The next step is to use a program specifically designed for older individuals. Fit Over 40 is a great program for women 40 years and older. Read a complete product overview below.

If you have spent most of your life eating the wrong foods and don’t know where to start with exercise, the Fit Over 40 guide is an excellent start for older men and women. Get a complete product overview by visiting

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