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Ovulation Calendar Baby Boy – How to Conceive a Baby Boy

Sunday, January 24, 2010, 16:44
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Ovulation Calendar Baby Boy

If you have dreams of little league, a blue nursery, or a son to pal all over with, you possibly already knew who there are a few circumstances you can do at home such a am able to far influence and aide your odds of achieving this goal. This article will discuss the steps which (if trailed diligently and correctly) serves to require a baby boy much larger number of likely. Ovulation Calendar Baby Boy

Why The Plan You Have When You Try To Conceive May Not Be The Best Way To Get A Baby Boy: Most couples try to conceive in the same way. They pinpoint what they think is the woman’s “fertility window,” and begin having intercourse as often as possible before and after the window, hoping that one of the attempts “sticks” and results in a pregnancy.

While this method can be very effective in getting pregnant quickly, it’s not the best way if your heart is dead set on a baby boy. Why? Because the sperm that produces a son is very weak and can not live in the reproductive tract for very long. (To counter this, the boy sperm are faster moving than the girl sperm.) Ovulation Calendar Baby Boy

So, if you try to conceive during the early part of the fertility window, you are basically giving time for the boy sperm to die off and allowing the hardier girl sperm more access to the vaginal tract. Predict Your Ovulation Correctly And Conceive Close To Or After The Egg Is Available: Since the girl sperm can thrive for days and the boy sperm can not, conceiving too early before the egg is available greatly favors having a baby girl.

If you want a boy, you should conceive on the day of (or slightly after) your ovulation. Obviously, it’s very important that you know exactly when you are going to or have ovulated. Although some will encourage you to use basal body temperature or cervical mucus to predict ovulation, I feel these methods are too subjective, leave too much to chance, and have a large room for error. Ovulation Calendar Baby Boy

Instead, I recommend saliva ovulation predictors because they are extremely accurate, reliable, inexpensive, and reusable. They also show even slight chances that can give you a heads up. Start raising a family! Get Pregnant Today by getting Ovulation Calendar Baby Boy ebook now!

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