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Stop Fibroids – Fibroid Tumor Treatments

Monday, January 25, 2010, 15:52
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Studies have shown that twenty to forty percent of the female populace today, from thirty-five years of age onwards, is being diagnosed with fibroid tumors, or also known as myomas. Usually, these fibroid tumors are benign or non cancerous, however, we can’t discount the fact that the normal reaction of women, upon knowing that they have these thing growing in their uterus, is to desperately look for fibroid tumor treatments.

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The real cause of uterine fibroids is yet to be established. However, some researchers believe that these fibroids will likely to develop due to the following reasons; it may run in the family or genetics and may also be connected to a woman’s estrogen level. Female’s estrogen levels are increased during pregnancy and while taking birth control pills, and as a result uterine fibroids may also have the possibility to increase in size. On the other hand, fibroids will decrease in size after menopause when estrogen levels are low.

Undergoing fibroid tumor treatments is not necessary if a woman doesn’t experience any symptoms. In fact, most uterine fibroid need not to be treated at all if they are not causing any discomfort, most doctors tell their patients that it is best to leave them alone and just monitor them over the years.

However, if fibroids are a cause for heavy and uncontrollable bleeding, growing so fast, too large, and causing difficulties to become pregnant or has developed after menopause, it should be surgically removed.

For women who have been advised by their health practitioner to undergo an operation in order to remove the fibroid in their uterus, it is not easy to accept. Presently, aside from pills, surgeries, laser treatments that a person may submit themselves to eliminate fibroids, women can also choose the alternative and natural ways of fibroid tumor treatments.

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