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Bowel Cancer – a Genetic Disease

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Colorectal cancer, or bowel cance, affects the large bowel and the rectum, which are the lower parts of our digestive system. Bowel cancer is a genetic disease and affects both men and women equally. The exact cause of colorectal cancer is unknown but people who have a family history of the disease come under the high risk category of developing bowel cancer.

A family history of bowel cancer means a person has at least one close relative, such as a brother, sister, mother, or father (i. e. : first-degree relative) who is diagnosed with the disease before the age of 45. When two or more of a person’s first-degree relatives are affected by bowel cancer, regardless of age, then he/she is also thought to be at high-risk. Bowel cancer prevention must start by keeping a record of your family health history: a family tree for three generations of your family listing their health problems. If you find a significant family history of bowel cancer in your family then you should consult your doctor or health specialist.

Bowel cancer can be detected at an early stage by monitoring stools, and especially by keeping vigilant for bleeding during defecation. However bleeding can be caused by other internal hemorrhages and this should not be confused with the early signs of bowel cancer. In cases of early bowel cancer, bright red blood drips are seen after defecation rather than at the same time. In any case, if you suspect the beginning of bowel cancer, you must get yourself checked thoroughly by your doctor as soon as possible. Prevention of Bowel Cance

Although bowel cancer is a genetic disease, it can still be prevented by having a high fiber, low fat diet, which is rich in Vitamin C. Fibrous foods play an important role in gastrointestinal health and the physical presence of fiber in the gastrointestinal tract is important in the prevention of bowel cancer. The fiber in the bowel is broken down by good bacteria producing butyric acid, a type of fatty acid. Butyric acid keeps the walls of your digestive tract healthy and prevents the proliferation of cancerous cells in the colon.

Citrus fruits and dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, spring greens, green peppers, and broccoli can help combat and prevent bowel cancer. In addition, deep orange-yellow fruit and vegetables, such as carrots, peaches, oranges, and bananas are also helpful.

Besides this, you should also eat at least 18 gm of fiber each day and take plenty of liquids. Good sources of fiber include brown rice, pasta, and high fiber cereals. Fat intake for each day should not be more than 30% of your total calorie intake. Mitamins< provides you a natural remedy for the prevention of bowel cancer, even if you have a family history of this genetic disease. The formula for Irritable bowel syndrome can also be used in the prevention of bowel cancer as both diseases help in the treatment of constipation that helps in maintaining good gastrointestinal health.

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