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Information About Genetic Diseases

Saturday, April 24, 2010, 13:18
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Single gene (also as Mendel or mono genes) – this type becomes through & #xC4; or if mutations in the DNA sequence of a gene nderungen arise, to be caused. Genes code f& #xFC; r of proteins, the Molek& #xFC; le f& #xFC; it hren that durchf& #xFC; hren Gro& #xDF; part the work, most functions of the life, and even the majority zellul& #xE4; ren structures. If a gene is, so that their protein product cannot do no more durchf& #xFC; hren its normal function, an illness f& #xFC; hren can mutated. There are more than 6,000 well-known single gene illnesses, which arise in approximately 1 from each 200 births. Some examples are zystische Fibrose, Sichelzellenan& #xE4; mie, Marfan syndrome, disease Huntington and heredit& #xE4; RH H& #xE4; mochromatose. Most genetic illnesses on these website introduced are the direct result of a mutation in a gene. However, one of the most difficult problems of the future to find out like genes f& #xFC; r diseases, which have a complex sample of the transmission, as into the F& #xE4; llen from diabetes, asthma, cancer and psychological illnesses contribute. In all this F& #xE4; do not llen have anybody the gene yes/no power to say whether a person has an illness or not. X-chromosomal dominant factor illnesses become by mutations in genes, which causes on the X-chromosome. Only few illnesses have this leaving sample. M& #xE4; are more nner h& #xE4; more ufiger affected than women, and the chance of the passing on to one X-chromosomal differentiates dominant factor illness between M& #xE4; nnern and women. The S& #xF6; hne of a man with one X-chromosomal-does not dominant is left to be concerned, and its T& #xF6; more chter all inherit the condition. A woman with one X-chromosomal dominant factor illness has a chance of 50% with a daughter concerned or son with each pregnancy. Some X-chromosomal-dominant conditions, like Aicardi syndrome, are t& #xF6; dlich f& #xFC; r boy, M& #xE4; dchen only therefore have they (and boys with Klinefelter syndrome). Other examples f& #xFC; r this kind of St& #xF6; rung are Hypophosphat& #xE4; mie, Aicardi syndrome and Chokenflok syndrome. Multifactorial transmission – also complex or polygene transmission. This kind of the transmission is caused by a combination of environmental factors and genetic mutations in several genes. For example that different genes affect cancer of the breast Anf& #xE4; lligkeit on the chromosomes 6, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, and 22 were found. Some h& #xE4; ufige chronic diseases are multifactorially St& #xF6; rungen. Examples f& #xFC; r multifactorial transmission geh& #xF6; ren heart diseases, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, diabetes, cancer and obesity. Multifactorial transmission is also with leavable characteristics such as fingerprint samples, Gr& #xF6; & #xDF; e, eye color connected and skin color. Collaboration, education and training – Zus& #xE4; tzlich to make, the center has important discoveries and the development of new therapies f& #xFC; r J& #xFC; dische genetic diseases numerous scientific articles ver& #xF6; ffentlicht, pr& #xE4; sentiert work on national conferences and international conferences gesponsert, so that scientists k& #xF6; nnen interact and rapid progress of the progress in these diseases. We have also productive co-operation with researchers at the Hadassah hospital – Hebrew University Medical School with seat in Jerusalem as well as with other scientists in Japan and Europe. Most of these conditions contain mutations, those to the production of an enzyme not funktionsf& #xE4; hig, or, v& #xF6; llig is missing f& #xFC; hren. In Heterozygoten the only good copy of the gene usually is in the situation, gen& #xFC; gend enzyme, in order to produce the normal work load grasp. But in some few F& #xE4; llen, aviation enterprises as well as concerning carefully thereby its, their Ern& #xE4; hrung, or less heavy has ph& #xE4; notypische effects exhibit.

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