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Some Commonly Asked Questions About The Rehab Treatment Program In Michigan

Thursday, January 14, 2010, 19:37
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The following are some commonly asked questions by people who are looking for a rehab treatment program in Michigan. These are common answers that apply to all rehab centers within the state; though there might be differences in the way one rehab center operates from the other.

Q1. What licenses are required for a rehab center in Michigan?

All rehab centers must be licensed to conduct a rehab treatment program in Michigan. Their licenses must pertain to the kind of addiction they are allowed to treat. For example, if they are treated heroin addiction, they must be licensed for the same. You must know that one kind of drug addiction treatment license will not work for another. Also, they must be licensed for the treatment method that they are using. If they are using a detox treatment program within their center, it is compulsory that they must be licensed for providing a detox treatment in Michigan.

You must also check up on the licenses of the healthcare officers providing the treatment. Ideally, they must be licensed through a body such as the American Society of Addiction Medicine and must have enough experience in the kind of treatment they are providing. You must look for experience also because that is what ensures the treatment providers know the subtle points that go with addiction treatment in the state.

Q2. How can I make sure that the program is state approved?

You can find out whether a program is state approved or not by checking up on the website of the treatment center. In the About Us section, they will have mentioned about their state approvals, if any. If they haven’t explicitly mentioned that, then you should look at the homepage for a phone number of the treatment center. Call them here and ask them about their state approval.

It is very much advisable to acquaint yourself with the programs that are approved for addiction treatment on a national level. You can check up the websites of federal substance abuse authority bodies such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the National Institute of Drug Abuse and the National Clearinghouse. You will find a list of the programs that are approved for addiction treatment here. These are the ones that are used in all states, including Michigan, though with certain regional modifications.

Q3. What are the advantages of getting into a state approved rehab treatment program in Michigan?

The first advantage is that you are getting into a program that is acknowledged by the state. That itself is a kind of guarantee for the treatment. You are using a program that has been tried and tested by substance abuse authorities on a statewide and even nationwide level. Hence, you are in better hands where the treatment is concerned.

Also, there are monetary benefits. Programs that are approved by the state will be usually cheaper. This is because they might be partially funded by the state. You will also find some easy payment options because these programs have state monetary backing. One more very important feature is that you will find it very easy to get insurance coverage on these programs. The insurance companies usually find these programs to be safe propositions and will have no qualms about providing cover for them.

Q4. What are the main components of a rehab treatment program in Michigan?

The first part of the rehab treatment program in Michigan is the intervention program. This is where the patient is convinced to get into treatment. The agency of the family may also be used in order to convince and motivate the people to get into the treatment.

Once the patient is encouraged to go through the treatment, the next step is to put them through the detox program. During this part of the treatment, the patient is made to abstain from the substance in a controlled medically supervised setting so that he or she can come out of the dependency. The patient will feel the strong withdrawal connected with the addiction. It will be the job of the treatment providers to provide them with the right kind of medication in order to make them come out of the craving of the substance and also to face the strong reactions that the withdrawal can cause.

The third process is that of the aftercare. Here the patient is counseled to come out of the temptation of using the substance. Various therapies might be taught to the patient for this purpose. This is a part of the rehab treatment program in Michigan where the family of the patient may also be actively involved.

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