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Some Questions About Alcohol Treatment In Maine Answered

Thursday, January 14, 2010, 4:37
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If you are looking for an option on alcohol treatment in Maine, you will certainly have some questions in your mind. Here are some questions people commonly have and their answers.

Q1. How do I make sure that a treatment program in Maine is qualified for alcohol treatment?

Your best bet to find out whether a treatment program in Maine is qualified or not is to visit its website. It will be clearly mentioned on the website if the program is qualified or not. They also have a number on their website where you can call and ask about the qualification of the treatment. Another method is to conduct some research on the federal substance abuse websites such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the National Institute of Drug Abuse and the National Clearinghouse where you can find out which programs are qualified for alcohol treatment in Maine as well as in the entire nation.

Generally, the programs that are approved by the state are qualified treatment programs. These include the outpatient treatment program, the inpatient treatment program (with or without detox), the detox treatment program, the rehab program, the day treatment program, the residential treatment program and the partial hospitalization program. The holistic programs for addiction treatment are not counted as qualified treatment programs because they are not approved by the state for alcohol treatment.

Q2. What are the advantages of a qualified treatment program in Maine?

There are many benefits of going ahead with a qualified treatment program for alcohol treatment in Maine. The first and the most important benefit is that you are using a treatment program that is approved by the state. Automatically, the chances of treatment here are better because of the state approval. Other programs may be purely experimental in nature; they might do nothing for your particular condition.

Another benefit is the reduced cost. Most of these programs are low in cost because of the state benefits that they carry. The state will usually fund the treatment centers where such programs are conducted. Also, the insurance companies will not mind covering for these programs. Hence, it makes both a practical and an economical decision to go ahead with these programs.

Q3. How do I locate a treatment program for alcohol addiction in Maine?

You can directly seek an appointment with a counselor on substance abuse treatment in Maine, who will find at any healthcare center within the state. You can ask them about where the treatment programs are located and which would be the best kind of program for the patient’s condition. They will also provide you details on how the programs are conducted.

Another method is to conduct some research on the Internet. Searching through a search engine itself will provide you several options. But make sure you read their programs well and check up on their licensing information so that you are sure the patient will be comfortable with the treatment. You can call them on the number displayed on their website and they will oblige you with whatever details you wish to know about the program.

The third method is to check out the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website. Here you will find a Facility Locator that has links to all the states of the union. Here you can find the kind of treatment program you are looking for in Maine. The best benefit of locating through the SAMHSA website is that you are sure of finding a qualified treatment program for alcohol treatment in Maine.

Q4. Should I always go for detox when looking for alcohol treatment in Maine?

Advisable, but not necessary. If the patient has been with the addiction for a long period of time, then it becomes imperative to have a detox in order to remove the toxins from the body of the patient. this is also important to prevent any health complications in future, and you must know that unless and until the traces of alcohol are removed from the body of the patient, the alcohol treatment program will not be complete because the patient will keep getting a craving for the substance.

However, there are treatment programs for alcohol addiction in Maine that use simply the counseling technique and do not have a detox in them. You might consider them.

The best advice would be to meet with a counselor on substance abuse treatment and ask them whether a detox treatment would be necessary for the condition the patient is in.

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